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Meet our 2024 Team

Our dedicated staff and volunteers make it all happen!
Image by Mgg Vitchakorn

Executive Director/Event Chair: Jennifer Penix
CEF Program Coordinator/Assistant Chair: Stacey Hetrick
CEF Office Coordinator: Jenny Redmon

Event Management

Detail and Design

Kari Strolberg

Syanda Feist


Food and Beverage 

James Nimmer


Amy Blume*

Jennifer Brosius Penick

Pamela Broad

Riham Gamil

Jennifer Marsh

Melissa Mitchell

Nicole Scholl


Erin Noel

Design and Experience

Melissa Volz-Smith

Holley Rubenstein

Emily Ehrgott*

Jennifer Cashin


Missy King*

Sam Harris*

Media & Marketing

Krista Joy Creative

* CEF Board Member

Volunteers are still needed for final planning and assistance during the event (taking tickets, selling raffle tickets, auction distribution, etc.). Volunteers receive complimentary tickets and do not work the full event. 


If interested, click here

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