Meet our 2022 Team

Dedicated Volunteers Bring Taste of Carmel to Life!

Event Chair:  Holley Rubenstein

CEF Executive Director:  Jennifer Penix

CEF Program Coordinator:  Stacey Hetrick

Mini Hamburgers

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Kimberly Lipps (c)

Melanie Walker


Amy Blume (c)

Jennifer Brosius Penick (c)

Pam Broad

Melinda Miller



Erin Noel (c)

Susanna Williams

Event Experience:

Kelly Anderson (c)

Melissa Volz-Smith

Marketing & Promotion:

Kim Seeling

Kris Wheeler (c)*


Lisa Hansen*


Ann Bernard*

Sam Harris (c)*

Glenda Strohmier

Carmel Clay Schools Engagement:

Emily Ehrgott (c)*

Connie Peregrin

Many volunteers participate in multiple committees- they are listed by their primary engagement.

(c)- Committee Chair

* CEF Board Member

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Volunteers are still needed for final planning and during the event (taking tickets, selling raffle tickets, auction distribution, etc.).  Complimentary tickets for all volunteers- you will not work the full event.  If interested, email